Why should we wax in the fall?

Bellingham's Best Brazillian WaxMost people are probably thinking the summer is over so now I don't have to shave everyday so why would I wax?  Fall is actually the perfect time to start waxing! 

A lot of clients’ biggest challenge is when they start waxing and they have to grow out there hair to 1/4 inch in the summertime when sunshine and weekend trips can be unpredictable.  For this reason fall is the best time to start waxing.

Your hair grows in 3 different hair cycles. It takes 6 months of consistent waxing every 3 - 5 weeks (depending of the person) to get all 3 of your hair growth cycles on the same pattern.  When you first start waxing because your hair growth cycles are not yet in sync your waxes will last you about 2 - 3 weeks before you see growth. Once you get past the 6 month mark of straight waxing (no shaving in between) your waxes will the last you for 4 - 6 weeks.

So come in and try your first wax in October and be ready for Summer.