Can't Believe This Happened in My Own Home

Teen Acne SolutionsSo if you know me you know that I love clearing up teen acne. We have happy Moms and teens with clear skin that think we are miracle workers! I tell them that part of why we have good results is because kids will listen to us because we are not their mother! We are great educators and cheerleaders for teens.  I have to tell you how surprised I was when I could not get my own daughter to use her skin care. I thought for sure my own daughter would follow my expert advice! Ha Ha!

For many years I have educated and cheered on teens for clear skin. I thought I did all the right things with my teen. First I told her how to use each product, set it up in her own drawer (so she didn’t have to share with her sister). Reminded her (aka nagged) each morning and evening to wash her face. Did she listen? No! I gave up for a while and thought that maybe when her skin broke out enough she would get motivated to use her skin care (many of you have tried this unsuccessful technique also).

As many of you know we have a fantastic esthetician that joined us this spring. She gave my daughter a teen treatment as part of her training. Sabrina told my daughter all of the same things I have been telling her for the past year. Guess who is now washing her face twice a day and not breaking out? The other evening we got home at midnight and she still took the time to do her skin care. Her skin is looking great and I don’t have to nag!

Cooperation with cleansing, home care, and no picking equals clear skin for teens. If you would like us to help clear up your teens skin send them in. We have just enough time before school starts!