Ask Your Esthetician: Does Your Skincare Really Work Lisa?

This is a question that I get asked a lot these days, and not just in the spa! The amount of information, tik tok videos, and advertisements about the newest skincare trends that are being pushed at us is overwhelming.

I decided it would be best to declare with confidence, "Yes! My skincare works," and attach my most recent before and after photo. I have been using the same two companies on my own skin for over 25 years in addition to carrying them in the spa.

Mark Lees and Jan Marini are genuine individuals that support the research and technology of their skincare products.When they release their findings, they refer to independent research studies rather than the newest buzz. You can be confident you are using effective active ingredients needed to improve your skin.

This client saw a dermatologist and was given a prescription for retin A before coming to see me. Her skin was not getting better, and she wasn't tolerating Retin A very well causing flakiness and dryness. She had acne scars, widespread redness on her nose and cheeks, and breakouts on her forehead.

Glycolic acid, retinol, benzoyl peroxide, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid were all combined (see below) to produce the effects seen in the after photo. She was diligent with her at-home skincare regimen and this picture was taken after six months combined with  monthly facials. 

Every time we combine the client's before and after pictures, I am just as thrilled as they are. Please get in touch with me for further details if you'd want a personalized, high-performing skincare regimen. I would be glad to assist!