Real Clients Real Results

This client came to me with concerns of fine lines and pigmentation on her forehead. These outcomes are the result of three facials. She also utilized Marini Luminate and the Jan Marini Skincare Management System.

Client Feedback: "Big difference! I remember always needing to put concealer over the dark spots and I don't need to anymore. Bonus with the reduced wrinkles!"

Now that summer is around the corner, sun spots may appear. Brighten your skin and improve discolorations with potent active substances and specialized procedures like microdermabrasion.

Improve your skincare routine and soothe the melanocytes that are responsible for the dark discolorations. Once sun spots start to appear, it's critical to take action. The more time they spend on the skin, the more difficult it is to treat them. Chemical peels and professional treatments are effective ways to lighten and brighten the skin. To level out skin pigment, the proaging combo facial is a wonderful option.

Integrate Marini Face Lotion into your routine today for even skin tone all summer!