The Skincare Sting -How much is too much?

Is it bad to feel a sting with my skincare?

This is a question I am often asked in the spa. With effective skincare there can be stinging as your skin acclimates to the active ingredients. It’s normal to feel a sensation if you are using clinical grade ingredients such as glycolic acid, retinols, or even Vitamin C.

Will the sting go away?

As your skin acclimates to the stimulating ingredients you will feel less of a tingle. Your skin should not however at any time burn. When you introduce clinical skincare you may need to slowly acclimate. I recommend to use your actives every other night and then working up to nightly and eventually twice a day. If you overdo it you may impair you skins moisture barrier and create super sensitive skin even causing redness or flakiness. This is much different than the normal tingle of a new skincare routine and can be avoided if you take it slow.

I Overdid it-now what?

If you have over exfoliated your skin don’t worry. It is important to take a break from the active product and moisturize only until you feel that your skin is back to normal. Aim for a slower acclimation when you resume your regime. 

My skincare use to sting but now it doesn’t- is it still working?

After continued use of exfoliating acids you can improve your skin barrier and products will feel less active. This is a good thing- it means you have healthier skin and better skin function!

A little bit of a sting is a good thing but just be sure not to overdo it and cause irritation. When using active clinical skincare it is important to work with your esthetician to get customized recommendations and the best results. 

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