Skin Care Myths Debunked

Check out this information from Jan Marini's recent seminar debunking common skincare myths. I get asked many of these same questions in the spa so here is a little recap for you!

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Can I use actives such as glycolic and retinoids in the summer?

Yes, you can.

Jan quoted a study where they highly retonized skin then created a sunburn. The retonized skin healed faster and had less damage to the DNA than the non retonized skin. You will be missing the anti aging benefits of your actives if you take the summer off. You will not be able to make make up for lost time when you start again in the fall.

Does the sun help my acne?

No, it does not help and actually makes it worse.

The sun can suppress oil production but when you get out of the sun (such as in the fall) you will break out more. This also includes tanning beds!

Should I put toothpaste on acne?

Acne starts in the follicle. The end of the process is the acne lesion. There is nothing in toothpaste that will help an acne lesion. Fluoride can cause acne for some so it might make it worse.

Does chocolate cause acne?

Chocolate itself does not exacerbate acne. The sugar in chocolate  can cause breakouts due to its inflammatory properties. Dairy is known for causing breakouts due to the hormones contained in milk. This can be a factor if you are consuming milk chocolate.

Do acne stickers work?

They can help with the redness or inflammation but it is still much better to prevent breakouts with good skincare. Once you have an acne lesion it is the end of the process. It is important to prevent acne daily with good skincare. You can make it less red with a spot treatment but it is better to prevent the lesion with topical skincare.

Can you cure acne?

No, you can get complete clearing but there is no cure. Acne can go into remission but it is a hereditary condition that is managed not cured.

Should I avoid glycolic and retinols if I have rosacea?

In general you can use these active products. There is a lot of mystery surrounding rosacea and we don’t fully understand it. In general it is a disease of reactivity and not necessarily sensitivity. Triggers are different for different people such as alcohol, chocolate, spicy food, caffeine. Instability in the blood vessels causes redness, flushing and blushing. Using products that down regulate the inflammatory pathways is helpful. Glycolic is a major anti-inflammatory and can benefit rosacea blushing and lesions. Retinoids can be added once the rosacea is controlled and can help keep the skin stable and healthy.

Do I need to use oil on my skin? Does it keep me young?

Moisturizers lubricate the skin and prevent loss of barrier function. Oil will do that but it doesn’t have any technology that affects the skin. It does not help address aging, exfoliation or provide nutrients to the skin that active ingredients combined with your moisturizer will do.

Putting oils on your skin does not help with the loss of collagen that occurs with age. Glycolic acid will help create a thin compact outer layer- one of the hallmarks of very young skin. Retinols have been clinically proven to benefit volume in the skin. This is much more effective than simple oils for keeping the skin youthful.


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