Bellingham Alive Article: Empowering Women & Teens

Around age 10 I started going with my Mom to the salon to get her haircut. Sitting in the corner and watching the staff, I knew then that I wanted to be a part of the salon industry. I didn’t really have an interest in doing hair but more the connection that I saw taking place. I tried to sign up for part time hairdressing in high school but my parents wouldn’t allow it as they said it would be a waste of my brain. I went to college and then, to their dismay, quit my well-paying job and went to beauty school to get my esthetic license. (I love that they were wrong about this!)

I recently shared my “why am I an esthetician” in a staff meeting...

To connect with women and teens. This is achieved by making them feel beautiful when they are in our space - preforming facials, educating good skincare and showing how to apply makeup. Continually using our license to combat negative messages from society and the media.”

I was brought up in a home with constant negative messages. It can seriously effect how you view life and yourself. My “why” as an esthetician is to empower women and teens. I love to be the person in a client’s day that is going to point out the good and come up with a positive plan to tackle the problems. I have to admit that many times this plan includes much more than just skin! I receive the greatest reward when I can see the transformation in a client’s bad day or a transformation in their skin and I was a part of that positive change.

My long-term vision is to reach as many women and teens and help them with their attitude toward their skin. This always starts with good facials and skincare but it also includes adjusting the expectations of what our skin is supposed to look like. I am 46 and I am supposed to have some lines! Teenagers can look in the mirror and notice more than the acne they see. I see myself and my staff as skin cheerleaders.

Check out Lisa's words of inspiration that define the purpose and vision of her spa business, why she loves doing facials, and how she is trying to change attitudes about skin. Great skin is so much more than just the facial!

Lisa Crosier, owner of Lisa Crosier Skin Care is interviewed by business coach Kristen Foss from find out why Lisa does what she does, why she became a spa owner, and what is her long term vision is.