Ask Your Esthetician Spf and Sunspots!

Help! I am noticing brown spots and my skin tone is uneven

Heading into summer is the time that we notice pigmentation, usually from past sun damage darken. If you suffer from uneven skin tone it is extremely important to receive the maximum benefit from your spf.

Don’t skip SPF just because you are inside all day. Every time you step outside you are exposed to rays that cause cancer, pigment and wrinkles. UV rays also penetrate through glass so your skin is exposed near windows and especially in the car.

My make up has an SPF so I don’t need a separate sunscreen.

    Not true! Even if your make up contains an spf its protection depends on using most likely more that you would use for a make up application. For adequate protection you need at lease a nickel-sized amount applied in an even layer actress the entire face. It’s best to think of your foundation with an SPF as a bonus not the primary sun defense.

    Apply sunscreen before you are in the sun. Get in the habit of lotioning up before you leave the house. A chemical sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes ahead of time to fully penetrate the skin.

    Reapply! Your sunscreen needs to be reapplied every hour or so. Don’t just apply in the morning and think you are protected all day.

    What can I do to brighten my skin?

    Hydrate and brighten your skin with Hyla 3D and Luminate Face Lotion. These two skincare products can be added into your Jan Marini Skincare Management System.  Hyla 3D will restore the hydration to your skin while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Luminate Face Lotion can lighten dark spots even while you sleep! This face lotion is a non-hydroquinone formula to improve hyperpigmentation and restore your skin's complexion.

    Perfect and protect your skin with our much-loved Antioxidant Duo of Vitamin C and Sunscreen! A perfect combination of sun skincare essentials to use everyday, even on the go. The Jan Marini C Esta Serum lifts & tightens the appearance of facial contours, boosts collagen and provides added protection from free-radicals. The Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 33 is a powerful sunscreen that combines conventional sunscreen agents with two newly developed non-chemical sun-blocking substances to provide enhanced sun protection with exceptional skin recovery benefits.