Ask Your Esthetician- Dry Skin

Winter Skin Woes: Why does my skin feel so dry?

An article recap from Mark Lees in Skin Deep Magazine

Skin can get very dry in the cold winter months. This can result in flakey rough texture and tight itchy skin. Dry skin does not directly cause wrinkling or poor elasticity, but it can definitely make these aging symptoms look worse.

Dehydration is the most frequent cause of dry skin. It is caused by exposure to cold weather, low humidity, indoor heat or lack of proper skin care. Skin that is dehydrated often presents as a flaking, tight, crinkly surface. Some skins do not produce enough oil. These skins are dehydrated due to a lack of oil on the skin’s surface which allows moisture to escape and evaporate into dry air.

MUST-DO’s for Dry Skin:

Use protective moisturizers that contain emollients, silicones, ceramides and lipid ingredients to help prevent water loss. It is best if these also contain a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Use gentle exfoliants to remove dead, dried surface cells.

Hydrating facial treatments can help boost moisture and speed recovery.

Physically protect skin from winter conditions with hats, scarves, glasses, and gloves.

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