Truth Be Told

Happy New Year Everyone!

I wrote the following magazine article, Skin Care Goals: A New You for the New Year, back in October when I had the holiday's pre-planned and ready to roll.... or so I thought.  I didn't anticipate the flu hitting each staff member, but luckily, we all took turns. Some of us twice.

When the Bellingham Alive magazine arrived in my mailbox my husband opened it up and laughed.  I had not been getting enough sleep, and was burning the candle at both ends.  I needed that "note-to-self" and of course, I used my full skincare system every one of those late nights.  I explained to my husband that it was technically 2018, so "future me" would tackle those goals.

If you got off track like I did, we are here to help you with your journey back to healthy glowing skin. 

Below is the article in case you missed it!  It was my favorite one to write so far.

skincare goals for a new youMaster Esthetician, Lisa Crosier's
expert perspective
recently published in
Bellingham Alive Magazine,
December 2018