How Do I Add Retinol?

Ingredient Spotlight: Retinol

We love the benefits retinol serums offer the skin. This derivative of vitamin A can reduce the appearance of bumps and large pores, help even out skin pigmentation and even help smooth lines and wrinkles. It can cause potential peeling to the sun so it is important to know how to use it properly in the summer.

Is it ok to use retinol in the summer?

Yes, as long as you are diligent about your spf. This means reapplying every hour when you are in the sun, wearing a hat and spf clothing. If you are going to be a sun worshiper it may be best to skip the retinol and resume again in the fall.

What should I look for in a retinol product?
Not all products are created equal. Retinol is unstable and can be tricky to work with. It is sensitive to heat and light so it is important how the product is packaged. It should be in an opaque package with an airless pump. Percentages and other ingredients can make the product more or less effective.

What is the difference between Retin A and skincare with retinol?

If you have tried unsuccessfully to use prescription strength retinol you will most likely have better results with a clinical grade products. Studies have shown you can get similar results with less irritation.

How often should I use retinol?

Retinol should be added to your evening routine. It is important to slowly acclimate to allow your skin time to adjust. It is recommended to start using it every other evening. If you are not experiencing any redness or flakiness you can bump it up to daily use.

Boost with a mask!

You can brighten your complexion and correct the signs of aging with a mask. Retinol masks create an occlusive layer allowing for greater penetration of active ingredients.