Fall Skincare Tips

  1. Don’t Skip Your SPF- UV damage is year around. The days aren’t as sunny but it is important to apply your daily moisturizer with spf rain or shine.
  2. Don’t Forget Your Eyes and Lips- These delicate areas don’t hydrate on their own and need special care. Try putting the extra eye creme from your evening application on your lips.
  3. Step Up Your Moisturizer- Fall is a great time to step up your moisture routine. Upgrade to a more emollient formula or use a hyaluronic booster for an extra shot of moisture.
  4. Be Careful If You Are Acne Prone- Not all moisturizers are created equally for acne prone skin. Be sure your moisturizer has been independently comedogenic tested so you don’t end up with unintended breakouts.
  5. Wash That Mask!- I am seeing mascne on all skin types.Be sure you are washing cloth masks daily. Give it a quick wash with your face cleanser at night or even when you wash your hands upon arriving home.
  6. Use a Spot Treatment- Spot treatments can be applied after you remove your mask and discover acne hidden beneath. Treat it immediately and then be sure to use an effective exfoliator at night when your skin is at res