Be Smart- Here Comes the Sun

Sun exposure plays a key role in aging and hyperpigmentation.  Most of us are not aware of how damaging the sun can be. One in five of us will develop skin cancer before age 70. 

I am inside all day so I don't need to wear SPF.


Don’t skip SPF just because you are inside all day. Every time you step outside you are exposed to rays that cause cancer, pigment and wrinkles. UV rays also penetrate through glass so your skin is exposed near windows and especially in the car. UV rays are present any time you are near a window which is most of us at our desks or even doing dishes near a kitchen window. 

My make up has an SPF so I don’t need a separate sunscreen.

Not true! Even if your make up contains an spf its protection depends on using most likely more that you would use for a make up application. For adequate protection you need at lease a nickel-sized amount applied in an even layer actress the entire face. It’s best to think of your foundation with an SPF as a bonus not the primary sun defense. 

I put on SPF 50 this morning so I am protected all day.

This is not true. Reapply! Your sunscreen needs to be reapplied every hour or so. Don’t just apply in the morning and think you are protected all day.

I can see when I am getting sunburned

Our skin can burn within fifteen minutes of sun exposure and that burn may not show up for several hours. Apply sunscreen before you are in the sun. Get in the habit of lotioning up before you leave the house. A chemical sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes ahead of time to fully penetrate the skin.