A Secret to a Younger Glow

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Master esthetician Lisa Crosier shares her secrets on anti-aging and how to utilize exfoliation to achieve a younger glow...

As children, our skin cells naturally regenerate very quickly (about every 28 days) leaving our skin with a fresh layer of baby cells. With age, the regeneration of skin cells slows down (about every 45-60 days) leaving us with fine lines, dry areas and an uneven skin texture. In our later years, we can enhance cell regeneration by removing the of top outer layer of dead skin. This is called exfoliation, and there are many product and solutions available ranging from do-it-yourself techniques (scrubs and brushes) to professional treatments (facials and chemical peels) performed by skincare specialists.

Exfoliating smooths and loosens dull, rough, dry skin cells—bringing fresh, new cells to the surface. Consistent exfoliation also helps fade age spots, acne and scars; unclogs pores; reduces blemishes; refines fine lines; stimulates collagen and elastin production; and can help prevent sagging skin. It’s important to include the jaw line, neck, chest and hands. People often avoid exfoliating these areas, giving away their age.

A popular technique is a facial. Best performed by professionals, these frequently involve a variety of skin care techniques for the face including removal of dead skin, cleansing, moisturizing, hydrating, peeling and addressing dehydration and acne. If you combine daily exfoliation with a monthly professional facial, you will see an amazing transformation.

Aging skin is always fighting a slow exfoliation rate and loss of collagen, so scheduling monthly professional skincare treatments and using clinical-grade products is recommended for optimizing skin rejuvenation. It can take time to reverse the neglect of aging skin, but you may be surprised that the skin you desire is right beneath the surface.


Chemical exfoliators dissolve the glue-like substance that holds the dead cells together. You do not scrub to enjoy the benefits. Instead the chemical does the work.

Glycolic acid, derived from sugar cane, is a popular solution. Glycolic acid products come in many forms—cleansers, serums, moisturizers and eye creams. They are commonly combined with other acids and it is important that the glycolic concentration be 10 percent or greater for effectiveness. Clinical formulas of sufficient grade are available from a trained skin care professional such as an esthetician.

Physical exfoliants include the use of a facial scrub, a facial brush or microdermabrasion treatments. Trained estheticians perform microdermabrasion and this technique is an extremely effective and efficient exfoliant.

Diamond microdermabrasion by DiamondTome is the current industry leader. It uses a diamond-tipped wand to remove the damaged outer layer of skin, where shallow surface imperfections live, effectively reducing wrinkles, acne and age spots. The procedure is entirely customizable and can be adjusted to offer either a gentle or aggressive approach. It also doesn’t cause heat or inflammation, so it’s safe for clients with sensitive skin. There’s also no downtime, so clients can return to their lives right away with no side effects, making it a true “lunch hour” solution.

Corrective professional facials combine both exfoliation techniques to remove the outer layer of dead skin in addition to infusing the skin with powerful serums that hydrate, nourish and treat specific conditions.

Exfoliated skin sets the stage for product penetration and maximum absorption of anti-aging ingredients such as retinols, and peptides that boost collagen production that also slows as we age.


After just a few weeks of daily exfoliating, you’ll notice refreshed skin that appears smoother and brighter. Microdermabrasion delivers noticeable results after your first visit. Your skin will look and feel smoother, immediately. A series of treatments will allow for increased focus on pigmentation, dryness or lines by stepping up the suction or the exfoliation strength of the wand.


I started my career in esthetics when I was 23. As the face of my business and nearing age 50, I do feel pressure to have flawless skin. I practice proper skincare and corrective, anti-aging treatments, all the while accepting that as my skin ages it is going to naturally have wrinkles and pigmentation changes.

I’ve also noticed that there’s a healthy glow that comes from within. It makes a difference when you have work/play balance, when you participate in activities that bring you joy, and when you spend time with those you love. This creates a glow that comes from within and looks fabulous at any age!