Your Sun Protection Questions

Does my BB creme or make up with SPF give me enough protection? 

Tinted moisturizers, foundation make up and mineral powders are not giving you adequate sun protection. This is because the amount of sunscreen required by the FDA during SPF testing procedure is much more than most people apply in real life. Think of your make up as giving you extra protecting but they should not be used alone as your sole SPF protection.

How can I protect my eye area? 

Hats protect your face and your neck if you pick one with a good brim. Some of them even have UPF ratings. Another area that is the first to show aging is the eyes. Minimize risk by wearing sunglasses. This also keeps you from squinting, which leads to fine lines and wrinkles. A sweep of mineral powder over your eye area will give you extra protection as well. 

How can I prevent age spots?

  1. Avoid peak sun hours 10-4
  2. Apply sunscreen generously and every 90 minutes
  3. Limit your exposure to both heat and sun
  4. Keep using your exfoliating acids all summer
  5. Use retinols

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