Ask Your Esthetician: Best Treatment For Eyes

Ask your Esthetician
How can I best take care of my eyes?

Squinting, smiling and blinking make the eye are one of the first places to show aging. The skin around our eyes is thinner and more tender and needs extra care. Keeping this area hydrated and exfoliated is important. An eye cream will prevent collagen and elasticity breakdown. The result is fewer premature lines and wrinkles.

Eye Care 101


The first step is to make sure you are using a gentle cleanser around the eye area. Make up must be removed each night to prep the skin for hydration or correcting ingredients. Don’t let leftover mascara stain your eye area.


Yes, your eyes too. Most people don’t realize that our eye area needs exfoliation to correct dryness and crepiness. Your eye cream will not work if it is sitting on top of a layer of dead skin cells. Healthier cells can come to the surface of the skin with a little exfoliation. It must be gentle and formulated for the delicate eye area. We love Jan Marini Luminate Eye. It contains retinol and when used long term this can really help build up collagen and smooth the look of fine lines around the eye area.

Be Gentle

Gentle around the eye area is key. The ring finger is the weakest and the most gentle finger which will help with application to the delicate tissue under the eye and prevent pulling.


Start at a Young Age

The eye area does not have oil glands to hydrate on it’s own so the earlier you start using an eye cream the better. In your twenties a lightweight formula such as is key that can increase in hydration as you age. Mark Lees Pept Eyes Serum is perfect for younger eyes. 

Use Proper Ingredients

Your eye crème should be specifically formulated for the eye area. It should feel lightweight and absorb easily under make up. Make sure it does not have essential oils or any added fragrance as this can irritate the delicate skin around the eyes. Newer technology includes ingredients that work with the blood vessels to reduce dark circles and puffiness. Our clients swear by Mark Lees Pept Eyes Creme.