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MD Facial Cleanser
Facial Cleanser gently breaks down and thoroughly rinses away daily residue, make-up and oil, without harshness or dehydration. At the same time, it exfoliates surface skin cells to reveal softer, smoother, refreshed skin. (12% glycolic acid) (8oz)
Price: $32.00
Face & Body Scrub
The perfect all-over body treatment to soften and smooth rough dry skin. Ideal for dry patches on heels, feet, elbows, and knees.
Price: $35.00
Illuminating Serum
Boost resiliency and brighten your look with this revolutionary serum. Our multi-action formula works beneath the surface to visibly balance uneven skin tones and minimize the appearance of skin discolorations, as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Price: $65.00
Continuous Renewal Serum
Continuous Renewal Serum (previously Facial Lotion) minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles on combination or oily skin with this extremely light-weight formula. (12% glycolic acid) (2 oz)
Price: $53.00
Vit-A-Plus Clearing Complex Masque
Rapidly clear and improve skin texture and smoothness with a dual action formula that targets problem-prone skin. This oil-free, lightweight gel-creme formula contains BHA, AHA, and Retinol-pure vitamin A to eliminate oily shine and diminish the appearance of enlarged pores and belimishes. Oil Free. 5% Lactic Compound, 5% Salicylic Acid, pH balanced-4.0. (1 oz.)
Price: $39.00
Vit-A-Plus Firming Masque Treatment
Rejuvinates and renews all skin types. AKA the "Hot Date Mask"
Price: $36.00
Vit-A-Plus Anti-Aging Eye Complex
Dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while increasing resiliency and firmness in the delicate eye area. Ideal for all skin types, our clinically proven formula, which combines Vitamin A and glycolic compound, works beneath the surface where wrinkles begin. Apply this oil-free crème before bedtime.
Price: $53.00
Moisture Defense Antioxidant Eye Creme
Intense hydration and antioxidants for the eye area.
Price: $35.00
Moisture Defense Antioxidant Lotion
This lightweight, silky formula hydrates and soothes dry, irritated skin while four potent antioxidants including Green Tea Extract and Superoxide Dismutase help defend against future skin damage. Time released humectants attract, bind and restore moisture while anti-irritants soothe and calm. Ideal for dry/sensitive or combination skin types.
Price: $50.00
Moisture Defense Antioxidant Creme
Replenishes and rehydrates to instantly restore skin suppleness and smoothness while strengthening the skin's defenses against environmental stress. (Non-glycolic. Oil-free) (1.7 oz.)
Price: $55.00
Vit-A-Plus Anti-Aging Serum
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while achieving a healthier-looking complexion.
Price: $50.00